Connections and recommendations

If you're an artist who needs quality digitization or a photographer with the skills to capture fine art, we'll connect you with matches in your local area. Special needs for a unique piece? We'll help select the perfect professional to handle your work.

Business, simplified

Today's technology gives artists more opportunities and challenges than ever before. We offer tools that free you from the mundane details of business to do what you love: create art. Get your work digitized at reproduction quality with no hassles, showcase your portfolio online, and sell fine-art quality prints, and pay nothing up front for our services!

Insights and advice

How does your audience find you? We'll help you with analytics that tell you who your fans are and how they're learning about your art, whether through shows, sharing online, or recommendations right here on ArtSquare. Learn what works for you and how to reach and connect with your audience.

Professional services

In addition to connecting you with a photographer, we plan to help match you with local galleries, event planners, and other professionals who can make your show a success, freeing you to focus on your artwork and your fans, not event logistics.

  • ArtSquare provides the opportunity to showcase my art and reach people from all over the world.

    Helga Sierra, artist

  • ArtSquare is going to be a revolutionary platform for new artists. I'm excited to be involved and help incubate this new tool.

    Heidi Luerra, CEO of RAW:natural born artists

  • Having my work displayed online is considerably more useful [than a traditional gallery] and better for obtaining clients and buyers.

    Hilary Commer, artist

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